Thursday, March 31, 2011

Beat the Summer

It's summertime again! What I love during the summer is that all my favorite fruits are in season during this time, like watermelon, mango, pineapple, melon and others. I think when God made all these fruits, He planned it very carefully. He made these fruits to be in season during the summer so that His children will have a delicious way to beat the summer. What do you think? I think it is :)

Well, so let's beat the summer with these delicious fruits. You can it them as is, or make them as juice or shakes. You can also make an ice candy using these fruits as a flavor, I usually do that specially with the mango. And if you have an ice cream maker, you can definitely make a tropical flavored ice cream. And the good things are that the prices of these fruits during this time are way too cheap and they are way too healthy. So, ready for the summer?

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Chirping Moth

Look what I found when I was collecting dry clothes, it's an odd-looking insect. I was quite afraid at first because it may bite me or it may fly and would leave itchy powder.

An Odd-looking Moth

But to my surprise, it didn't move a bit when I transferred it to a rock, but instead, it just made a chirping sound. I was really surprised to hear the so cute chirping sound coming from this odd-looking moth. So, don't judge a book by it's cover, eh? I wonder what kind of insect is this?

A really cute chirp sound came from this creature

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Divine Memoir's Giveaway

Divine Memoirs is giving away Victoria's Secrets body lotion and Aficionado's body and bath spray collection. The contest is open for Philippines residents only, so I'm joining! Visit Divine Memoirs for the rules if you like to join too. The contest is open until April 11, still many days left.

Fashion Accessories for Grabs

The Miscellaneous Me is turning 1 this April and it would like to celebrate this anniversary with a fashion accessory giveaway! I love the nymph necklace that is made of freshwater pearls, I hope I could win this. Aside from that, other accessories up for grabs are thelariat necklace, and tiered majorica bracelet.

 The contest is until March 31st. To join, visit The Miscellaneous Me.

Friday, March 25, 2011

A Big Relief

*Sigh* This is what I wanted to do for the last few days. After my  other blog was deleted by Blogger, I am now in a big relief to finally have it online again. I understand that it was the mistake of the spam detector robot why my blog was deleted, but at last, now it has been restored and I can continue to blog about online money making again and also to help my friend in UK who is planning to come back here in the Philippines for good but is worried about her things. Moving is not that easy so she is planning to leave some of her things in Storage Glasgow and just wait for her other friend there to ship them here. It will also be a big relief for her if I would be able to find a storage for her things.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Where's My Blog??!!

UPDATE: My blog, Invest and Work at Home is restored! Thanks everyone who give advice and support. :) 03/24/11

For the past few days, I haven't written any relevant topics here, I am just not in the mood to write anything useful. The only thing that makes me post every day here is because of the Adgitize, but without it, maybe I will be silent for sometime.

What made me lose my enthusiasm in blogging is that my other blog, Invest and Work at Home, has been deleted by Blogger, and although I already submitted a request for a review last Saturday, I haven't received any reply yet. Blogger robots classify my blog as a spam blog. As far as I know, I haven't violated their rules and for people who have read my blog, Invest and Work at Home, they will tell that it is far beyond being spam blog.

According to Blogger: 

Blogger's spam-prevention robots have detected that your blog has characteristics of a spam blog. (What's a spam blog?) Since you're an actual person reading this, your blog is probably not a spam blog. Automated spam detection is inherently fuzzy, and we sincerely apologize for this false positive.
We received your unlock request on March 19, 2011. On behalf of the robots, we apologize for locking your non-spam blog. Please be patient while we take a look at your blog and verify that it is not spam.
Find out more about how Blogger is fighting spam blogs.

Well, I don't know what to do since it's like a dead-end, just waiting and waiting. Should I stop waiting and begin again? 

I learned a lesson here, cheapskate costs a lot. I'm actually was thinking of buying domain and host for the past months, but I was still stalling that idea because I just got PR for both of my blogs. But now, screw PR, I'm going to do it as soon as possible. Anybody can help me with the host? I'll appreciate suggestions.

For The First Time Giveaway

Kurdapya Meets World is having "For The First Time" giveaway, and she asked who wanted the pretty and adorable purse, and of course ME! Isn't it a beauty? She said that she has been wanting to launch this giveaway for a long time and at last, now she did. Kurdapya is also the owner of two more blogs Motherly Instinct, and Simply Filipina.

I don't like joining in very complicated contest, so I'm glad that she's keeping the rules simple. The contest ends on March 31. Don't join hehehe... I don't want more competition hahahaha... just kidding. Check out her blog for more info.

Monday, March 21, 2011

I'm in Pink with Pink Fabulous Giveaways

Pink Thoughts which is the home of Pink Friday meme is having a very Pink Fabulous giveaways and of course the prizes are all pink! And I am joining :)

First Prize – Pink Bratty Bonita Laptop Bag
Second Prize – Pink Mary Kay Blush On and Lipstick
Third Prize – Pink Bag
Forth Prize – Pink Stretchable Blouse
Fifth Prize – Pink Bath Toiletries
Sixth Prize – Pink Sakura Bella Kit


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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Makeup is My Medicine Giveaway

If you love makeup, you should join this giveaway, and since I love it, I am joining! Makeup is My Medicine is holding the first give away and guess what's the prize? Of course, what every girl wants, tons of make up stuffs.

EOS lipbalm with SPF 15 in "Lemon Drop"
Sugarpill Chroma lust Loose Eyeshadow in "Magpie"
Sinful Colors Nail Polish in "Innocent"
NYX 5 Color Shadow from The Caribbean Collection in "I Dream of St. Lucia"
Wet n' Wild new 2011 Trio in "I'm Feeling Retro"
NYX Doll Eye Mascara Volume in "Extreme Black"
Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Mascara in "Violight"
NYC Eyeshadow Duo in "Island Sunset"
One Dollar Eyelashes false eyelashes (2 pairs)
IPD Asian False Eyelashes (1 pair)
Bobbi Brown Mini "Crystal" Lip Gloss
Kate Somerville Tanning Towelette for Face & Body (1)
So, if you want those too, just visit Makeup is My Medicine for the rules.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

How to Avoid Bad Breath

One of the turn off for anybody is having a bad breath, you would not like to kiss someone with a bad breath, would you? Usually, bad breath can be avoided unless it is a disease that needs doctor intervention. There are many causes of bad breath such as the food we eat, the medicine we intake, not eating, and bad oral hygiene. 

To avoid bad breath, you must know the causes of bad breath and avoid them. First is the food we eat, such as garlic and onion. Food with lots of garlic and onion will give you a not-so-good breath. But you really want to eat food with tons of garlic, what should you do? Well, just make sure that you brush and gargle after you eat. Also always carry a chewing gum to stimulate salivation that will help minimizing the odor. 

When we are on medication, there are some medicines that cause bad breath. In this case, just always bring a mint, and gargle after taking the medicine. Next is when we are hungry, the stomach releases enzymes and acids. These enzymes and acids cause bad breath, so make sure to eat on time, and if it's not possible, always bring some snacks with you to avoid your stomach releasing these acids that give you bad breath.

And lastly, always brush, floss, gargle every day. A good oral hygiene is the best way to fight causes of bad breath.

Payday Loan on Graduation Month

It's the month of March and graduation time. My daughter is graduating and my other kid is going for a summer trip. This month is cash strapped days for me, and borrowing from my relatives is not possible as they are also in the same situation. One good thing is that I can easily apply for Payday Loans just until I get my salary. Whenever there are emergency expenses and the salary date is still quite far, I always go for payday loan to fill in my financial needs. But of course, I never forget to pay this loan when I receive my salary.

It's Summer Time!

 Summer has officially started. During summer, most of the people have their houses improved, well, it's a good time to construct houses or extend it because there will be no rain to ruin it.I remember when I was young, my father would be busy during summer weekends because aside from his regular job, he would be asked to help in constructing houses. It seems that during summer, people are rich to have their house improvement.

This summer I am planning to have some house improvement too. Last summer, my project was the balcony, and this summer I am thinking of changing the windows. My windows are still wood, so I am planning to have it changed to glass and I'll put roller blinds instead of curtains. I may change the paints of the wall too, my kids are already excited and had suggested lots of colors. They also volunteered to paint their own rooms. This will be a great family time.

A Date with Rango

Today we watched the animated film of Johnny Depp entitled Rango. The movie is about Rango, a chameleon who accidentally ends up in a town called Dirt. It is an animated movie of animals and wild wild west. Johnny Depp lived up to the expectation of playing weird character as he did in his previous movies such as Willy Wonka and Edward Scissorhands, even in the animated world. This movie is a good treat for kids and adults who want to have a taste of adventure and comic relief, although the last was not that much.

Check out the trailer below before you head to the cinema.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Donuts on Friday

It's Friday and I thought of going out, so I visited an aunt who works in a payroll services  company with an office one hour away  from our place. When I arrived, she was quite busy so I just sat in front of her. I was glad that their office is not so strict with regards to visitors. So, after two hours, finally we were able to leave her office. We decided to go to the mall and have a walk.

From time to time, I would indulge myself in sweets, and when I say indulge, that means really to pig out. And it was timely that along the way,  we saw a donut shop. Today, I crave for donuts, so I bought myself a half dozen of donuts and gave in to my cravings.  I bought a dozen for my aunt and her kids too. How about you, what's you're cravings today?

It's supposed to be half a dozen but before I remember to take a shot of it, I was already munching one.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Dog Won't Leave Injured Friend in Japan

Dogs are known to be man's best friend but not only to man, also to their fellow canine. In the earthquake-and-tsunami hit Japan, one dog showed his loyalty to his friend by staying behind until they are discovered. Check out the video below, you do not need to understand the Japanese language that the two men are saying to be touched by this loyal dog.

It has been reported that the dogs are now rescued and being treated of. Many also have expressed their intention to adopt these two dogs. 

How To Help & Donate To Japan's Lost and Injured Pets (including Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support, which is the organization that rescued these two dogs):

NuffNang Prizes Received!

One of the joys of blogging is joining blog contests and winning of course! Nuffnang has been hosting blog contests in behalf of advertisers who want to promote their products. I am one of the bloggers who always check if there is new blog contest in Nuffnang. Two of the blog contests I joined were Eveready Moment and Tommy Hilfiger's Loud, where I won gift packs. Last week, the gift packs which I was dying to receive has finally arrived. Actually, when I joined the contest, I didn't see the rule that only those who can claim their prizes in person can join, but with Nuffnang's kindness, they agreed to courier the two prizes I won. I still have to email them about the shipping fee. But, thank you Nuffnang!

The package includes Eveready gift pack: flashlight and 2 batteries

Also included are two Tommy Hilfiger's Loud perfumes

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Japanese Pride in times of Disaster

 Japanese people waiting in line for water
image: google

Reading at the news articles and looking at the photos of the disaster that earthquake and tsunami had brought to Japan, there is one thing that I notice, Japanese people are the most civilized people on the planet. There had been so many natural disasters happened to different countries all over the world, and after-math images captured by the camera lenses are not uncommon to us. We saw the way people behave after disasters, man-made or natural. Usually, the images were always chaos and more chaos. However, in Japan, you will see, that the only chaotic scenes are the over-turned vehicles, collapsed houses and buildings, and scattered debris. And the people? The Japanese are quietly in line nearby the store, waiting patiently for his/her turn to buy things needed. The grocery stores and gas stations are empty, but not because of looting, they are empty because Japanese people bought whatever were left. There are no screaming, fighting, or looting. Japanese just show to the world, how civilized they are, even in times of disaster. We can learn a thing or two from them, what do you think?

 Japanese waiting outside store.
Japanese in queue to use public phone

By the way, many shared my opinion, read some of them: (comments taken from yahoo news)


Oh, by the way, you can donate to Japan earthquake and tsunami victims through your favorite organizations using Paypal. I am a member of Tag Village and Tag Village supports charities however it is on beta-testing so there is no direct link to a particular charity yet, however, Tag Village supports Paypal Donates, where you can use paypal and choose the organization you want to give donation. Paypal waives any fee. You will receive a receipt like  what I received below. If you want to donate, visit: Paypal Donation

Monday, March 14, 2011

Ready for the Drunk Shrimp?

Drunken Shrimp or Filipino dish, Gambas

Here in the Philippines, we have this Filipino shrimp dish that we call, Gambas. Gambas or Drunken Shrimp is a dish in which the shrimp is marinated in gin or vodka, and then sauteed. This dish is easy to cook, and very famous as an appetizer or as a nick-nacks while drinking. 

Since it has been awhile since I shared a recipe here, I am happy to share the recipe of Gambas or Drunken Shrimp which I recently cooked.

Ingredients: (adjust the ingredients according to your liking)

medium-sized shrimp (cleaned, shells intact, just remove the antennae and the spiky horn)
gin or vodka
lemon juice
ginger (julliened)
garlic (crushed)
oil for sauteing
chilli powder

1. Combine gin or vodka with lemon juice, salt, pepper, ginger, and garlic, then marinate the shrimp for at least 30 minutes.

2. Heat the pan or wok, then pour little oil, take the ginger and garlic from marinate and saute them in oil. Once the ginger and garlic are browned, put the shrimp and stir-fry it. Then put the gin liquid from the marinate. Flambé (look photo below) the pan to remove the alcohol. Adjust the salt and pepper according to your taste. You can add chili powder to give spicy kick. Cook the shrimp for 10 minutes or until the liquid has evaporated. Do not burn your shrimp. 

3. Let it rest for a minute and serve.

Flambé is pouring of the liquor in the dish and ignite it. 

Friday, March 11, 2011

Be Closer with Smart Bro

Right now, I am in the internet cafe, browsing pictures of my nephew's  recent birthday party posted in Facebook by my sisters who live miles away from me. Years ago, when I do not know the use of computer and internet, I rarely talk to them and barely know what's happening to them. But now, since my daughter taught me how to use computer and internet, I have been closer to my family. I am able to greet everybody during holidays and birthdays, chat with them about our everyday lives, share family pictures and videos, even talk about family problems and solve them together, which we had not done together for decades. We have just become a family again together, become closer again, which my old mother was hoping for so long.

I think it is now time to get my personal broadband connection so that I will be able to talk to them every day and night and be more closer to my family. It is also timely because SMART BRO Unlimited Home broadband is giving away amazing freebies. If I'll subscribe to SMART BRO Unlimited Home Broadband Plan 999 or 1995 between March 4 to June 4, 2011, I will get Free All-In-One HP Printer, FREE Call and Texts with SMART Gold Lite Plan 300 for 6 months subscription, and a Free 1 month broadband subscription, isn't it great? My friend who has SMART BRO Unlimited Home broadband connection told me that she is satisfied with the service. She said that she gets consistent surf speed and stable signal. Oh, if you are also interested to subscribe, just visit  the nearest SMART Wireless Center or any SMART BRO accredited agents, I have mine in the city.

I'm excited to get my personal broadband connection. I will never miss my family once I have it and they will never miss me again. It will be like I am with them and they are with me, just like when we were kids.

A Photo Forgotten

I like taking pictures with my mobile phone, even if I haven't updated my phone, I still like it. It doesn't have that much good quality for the picture but it's a convenient way to capture any thing that interests me. So, as I was browsing the pictures in my phone, I found the photo above, in which I forgot where I took. I think it has been in my phone for long time now and since I don't often check the images in my phone, I totally have forgotten about it. Anyways, might as well share it to you guys. I just love the image, it's abstractness and also the drawing of a girl in the photo. Just keeps the day light-hearted.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Slim Down in An Instant, Up for Grabs

I'm joining this contest where you'll get a shapewear which cut three inches off your body in an instant. Project Vanity is giving away Instant Body Shapers to three winners. I hope I'll get one.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Searching for Online Bookstore

Here in the Philippines, there are not many online shops which accepts Paypal and ships in provinces. Living in the province, it is difficult for me to buy things I want at a good price. Usually, the product is not available or the price is so high. These few days, I would like to buy some story books for kids since summer time and school break are coming, so I thought that it would be good if they could read something before they play in the summer afternoon. 

Two years ago, I bought second hand books in Ebay but when my Ebay account was hacked, I stopped using it at all. When I was in Manila, I was a frequent buyer of second hand books from Book for Less, so I checked whether they have online store, and alas, they have! However, when I was searching how to order, it seems these books are not for sale online. I did not find check out button or procedures on how to pay. I checked out some of the children books they offer there and I found that the prices of these books are decent, but it's useless for me since I cannot order online. Maybe I would need to email them.

Aside from Book for Less, I also found another site, which also offers good variety of books, and one good thing is that they accept Paypal email payment! I checked out their books and is surprised to see that they give bargain price. I am still searching for more online bookshops which accept Paypal payment and ship to my place.

If there are some of my readers from Philippines who want to sell there books, you can contact me. Please make sure that the condition is still decent.

I Can't Believe I'm Lovin Justin Bieber?!

I cannot believe that I'm saying this, but although late, I think I'm lovin Justin Bieber. It started when I watched an episode of Glee entitled, Comeback. In this episode, Sam is trying to win back Quinn and he copied Justin Bieber's-now-gone-famous-hair-do (since Bieber had cut it few days ago), and this actually worked and Quinn has been turned on by his song-and-dance ala Bieber.

While watching Glee's Comeback episode, and saw that Sam was going to do Bieber song, I actually forwarded the video but after sometime, my curiosity got me and played that scene again. Maybe I was influenced by the Glee girls admiration screams that I started to like the song, or maybe, Sam was just too cute that even singing and dancing Bieber's song, Baby, Baby, made him cute and the song not too corny. He actually sang 2 of Bieber's songs in that episode.

After I finished watching the video, I actually went back to that same scene and watched Sam sing Baby, Baby song again hahaha... Wanna see what I am talking about? Check the video below:

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thinking About Abs

Every time I would look at the fitness magazine that I usually buy monthly, I envy these people in the magazine who have almost perfect body. I also wish that I have flat tummy, and I know that most of the women do, and most of the men would love to have 12 Pack Abs which I think is kind of difficult to achieve. I haven't seen anybody in person who really have this 12 pack abs, only in movies and magazine. I'm thinking if I could also attain even a flat abs, but maybe I would need more discipline and exercise.

Stop Annoying Ads

Surfing the net is fun but when ads start to pop up and banner ads occupying the most pages, I would sometimes wish that ads are not there. Well, although I know the importance of ads, for some reason, I would sometimes want to just surf the net without one. Good thing I saw Chrome Adblock Plus which block banner advertisements, pop ads (grr... i really hate this), and even hide annoying images. I downloaded and installed it using my Chrome browser and it works fine. I also notice that my computer is loading faster now, I mean when I surf the net, the pages load faster than before.

New IPad Released

There was so much hype yesterday in the gadget world, the new hero is the new IPad 2 released by Apple. There are new features that were lacking from the first IPad such as it is thinner than the iPhone 4, twice as fast as the last tablet, camera-equipped, and ships March 11 in the United States and March 25 in 26 more countries.

The real surprise in the Ipad 2 release event was the presence of Steve Jobs who is battling with cancer and was reported to just have 6 months to live. “We’ve been working on this product for awhile, and I didn’t want to miss it.” Steve Jobs said in a standing ovation crowd.


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