Thursday, December 30, 2010

30 Days with Charice Day 2 and 3

As promised, I am posting the Day 2 and 3 of 30 Days with Charice. In episode 2, Charice launched of her first international album where she performed in QVC.  While in Day 3,  she met the media and had interviews and took photos in New York city. 

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

30 Days with Charice and a Christmas Hangover

I need to compose myself and get rid of the Christmas hangover that dawned upon me hehehe... As you'll notice, I haven't posted in any of my two blogs since Christmas day! OMG, my laziness is really killing me. I actually cut my experiment on non-advertising of my blog in Adgitize and bought a one-month advert since clicking 101 publishers really was really getting into my nerves, so my aim of earning purely in Adgitize has been sabotage by the big L (as in LAZINESS).

Well, just after Christmas, I got myself into watching Korean and Taiwanese drama-thon. I spent 3 full days, just staring at my monitor from dawn till dusk, literally. And today, after finishing the last episode of the Taiwanese drama, I saw myself staring at my blank monitor and I was left thinking of what to do next, so I turned my attention to YouTube. Every time I visit YouTube, there is always one name that comes to my mind, well, that's Charice. So, as I typed "Charice" in the search bar and hit enter, I saw a video, "30 Days with Charice", it's a 30-day video of Charice as the camera followed her wherever she goes. I've seen the trailer of it a month ago but I decided to open it again. Well, I found out that has already started showing some episodes, and today is the 8th episode.

I decided to post each episode here in my blog, as I checked on updates on Charice once in a while, I would like to share these to everyone. So, below is the first episode of 30 Days with Charice. There's an advertisement on the first part of the video but just bear with it, that's the price of free stuff, LOL

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Happy Birthday, Jesus!

Happy Birthday, Jesus.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas In Our Hearts

I would like to share to everybody, the classic Christmas song, which is my all-time favorite Christmas song. It's only 1 day and few hours, and Christmas day will come. This song is like a national anthem in the Philippines every holiday. Christmas in Our Hearts was  composed by Jose Mari Chan and sung by him and his daughter. Have a very Merry Christmas to everyone. Here it is:

Monday, December 20, 2010

Choose One Picture Please

Thank you everyone who helped me choose which avatar I should promote, most of you chose Choice C. Thank you so much! ^^

Now, I would like to ask you another favor. Please vote for my avatar in Facebook:
 Here how you can vote:
1.  Login in your facebook account. 
2. Click this link: Nescafe Decaf Night Studio.
3. Allow application.
4. You will see the picture. Click "Vote". 
5. You may leave comment about it too.

I am not expecting to get the highest votes as I joined late and voting ends tomorrow, but 25% of criteria is for votes, so it will be helpful. I hope you'll help. Thank you.

I joined Nescafe Decaf Night Studio avatar contest the other day. I really had fun dressing up my avatar that I made 5 entries! Now, my problem is, which one should I promote most? I know promoting all of them is not wise as the support will be divided.

Now, I need your opinion which one should I choose. I only have one day to decide and 2 days to gather votes, so I really need your opinion. Here are the following pictures: (Please leave comment for the number of the picture you choose..)

Update: I added the background*

Choice A

Choice B

Choice C

Choice D    

Choice E

Hope you'll help me,guys! Thanks :)

Saturday, December 18, 2010

I'm Sorry Mr. Lauro Vizconde

I am extending my deepest sympathy to Mr. Lauro Vizconde who has failed to get justice for the rape and murder of his family and has been let down by the Supreme Court of the Philippines. I know that this means a second death to your wife and two daughters that after almost two decades of fighting for justice, you have failed to give them one. I have been crying watching you on the news and as I am writing this, I am still in tears. I feel so much pity on you, sometimes I wish that you just be with your family and leave this miserable life, but forgive me for wishing that for you. Please be strong and continue to fight, you know that we, the Filipino masses are with you. And even if you'll fail to bring the justice to your family, we know, and your wife and daughters know, that you did your best, more than your best. My prayers to you, Mr. Lauro Vizconde.

Friday, December 17, 2010

My Eveready Moment

I live in the southern part of Luzon which is a favorite place to visit by Mr. Typhoon and Mr. Storm. When I was young, life in the province was harder than today, specially if you live in the middle of the rice paddies. I grew up prancing on the rice field and tip-toeing on the very narrow path in the middle of the rice field. My father was a postman and a farmer as my mom was a simple housewife and a farmer too. My school was far away from our house and every day I would walk for 30 minutes going to school and another 30 minutes going home. One day, while at school, the principal came and announced that everybody must go home. When we went out of the classroom, we saw that it was dark and rain had started to fall. Since I live far away, I decided to stay in the classroom and waited till the rain slowed. It was getting darker and darker, and the possibility of  the rain to stop was really blurred. So, I left the school and braved myself into the rain. As the night fell and the heavy rain still pouring, it was becoming darker and darker and I couldn't see anything on the road. My umbrella had been overturned by the wind and I was soaking wet. I was so scared but I continued to walk. 
Suddenly, I saw a prick of light, then it was becoming bigger and bigger and brighter and brighter. The light came from a flashlight. And then a familiar figure came out of the light, it was my Father! To my relief, my tears ran down on my face and mixed with the rain as I wrapped my arms on his waist and we continued to walk guided by the light coming from Eveready Flashlight that my Father always had. As a postman, he would always bring an Eveready flashlight and he would never use any battery aside from Eveready. His trust to Eveready was always strong and it never let him down. After the storm, just a week later, my father gifted me my own Eveready flashlight and of course, with Eveready batteries in. Since then, a small Eveready flashlight powered by Eveready batteries is always in my bag every where I go. It's always best to be Eveready, everyday.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Help Me, Please...

I joined two viral marketing contests in Squadhelp with a prize of $500 each. I need your help guys to win these contests. Please help post in Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and anywhere so that it will get clicks. I will share the prize if I win.

Here are the details:

Contest 1 - Viral Marketing of a Facebook Game called Roman Taxi (I am currently in the third position: here) Ends on January 7. IMPORTANT: Please use this link so that it will be counted:

Possible Facebook post and Twitter messages: (You can make your own.)
 a. Have you heard it? New Crazy Game
b. Catch this new fad in #facebook #games 

Contest 2 - Viral Marketing of a Novel : Murder and Mayhem. Ends on February 10. 
IMPORTANT: Please use this link so that it will be counted:

Possible Facebook post:
a.   Murder and Mayhem---Just in Time for the Holidays
The world of private clubs is a microcosm of the larger world in which we all live,” explains author, Clive Endive Ogive, IV. To learn more about Murder and Mayhem at Old Bunbury, visit

Possible Tweet:
a, Catch the excitement of Murder and Mayhem, just in time for holidays.

For those who will help me, just leave your contact in comments so I can get back to you, in case I win.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Looking for the Right TV Speakers?

Altec Lansing VS2621 2.1 Channel Speaker SystemHave you just bought your latest TV? Oh, now you are not satisfied with the sound, so you are looking for the good TV speakers to complement your new TV. Well, you can easily find the perfect and cheapest tv speakers from Plasma TV speakers to LCD TV speakers on the net. Try here.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I have been using a Nokia phone that my husband gifted me three years ago, and this Christmas, I think I deserve to have a new phone. So for my Christmas wish this year, my heart set eyes on Nokia C7. Look at the picture below: That's IT, baby. Isn't it gorgeous? Nokia C7 is not only beautiful on the eyes but it has the function of a true smartphone with all the features you would ever want.

 Nokia C7's sleek design is made from polished stainless steel and glass that when you touched, it's so smooth on the palm that you would not want to put it down. With the vivid 3.5" high-resolution display, I can easily watch videos and scroll on my pictures to my heart's desire. There are three home screens that I can personalise and I can use different finger gestures to zoom, flick, and select. Sounds fun, right? I can also view all the running applications and with a tap on the screen I can easily switch between them. It's like magic!

Well, I'm mesmerized not only of the look and feel of the Nokia C7 but the functionality is superb too. As a blogger, different social applications to publish and spread my posts is a must. I also need to get updates from my family, friends, and online community. But I don't need to worry about all these as Nokia C7 has integrated social networks from Facebook to Twitter, so connecting to everybody is just a tap on the screen. Oh, and not only that, there are lots of applications that I can download for Nokia C7 like Sports Tracker, wallpapers, podcasts and a lot more.

I love to travel, and with Nokia C7 I can take high quality photos and HD videos with its 8 megapixel camera. I will never miss any picture perfect moment. It also has maps with free GPS navigation, so for sure I would never get lost. And also, with its powerful Nokia Mini Speaker MD-9, my whole family can listen to my favorite songs of Barbra Streisand, Bee Gees, and the Beatles until they'll get tired of it. LOL. There will never be a dull moment with Nokia C7.

Uh,oh.. time to wake up... oh, Santa, grant me my Christmas wish, please?? (I'm on begging

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Win Fossil Watch from

One good thing of blog hopping is that you get to know what's happening to the blogger world, specially the contests and giveaways that our fellow blogger are holding. Today, I found this exciting giveaway from, it's second giveaway contest with the following prizes:

1st prize - Fossil Ladies Watch
2nd prize - Fossil Ladies Watch
3rd prize -Kate Spade kikay kit (orange)

I love the Fossil Ladies watch, I hope I could win this one. To join the contest, just click the picture on top.

E-Reader Giveaway - Ends 12/18

I really want to have an E-reader as I like reader e-books yet it's constraining to my eyes looking at the pc monitor, so when I saw the My Life with Rats and More is having a giveaway contest and that the prize is an E-reader, I immediately checked it out. There will be one winner of E-reader. The contest ends on December 18th. It is open internationally. So, if you want to have a chance to win an E-reader, check out My Life with Rats and More for the mechanics.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Meet Celine Dion's Twins

Celine Dion, one of my favorite singers, and her husband Rene, have for the first time presented their new members of the family, the twins, Eddy and Nelson. The fraternal twins are miracle babies as Celine had a difficult pregnancy. The babies look so cute,  I think all babies are cute, don't they? Welcome Baby Eddy and Baby Nelson!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Chocolate Holiday Giveaway from Trip or Treats

Trip or Treats is having a holiday giveaway, and what's the best giveaway for this Christmas than chocolates, a Set of Vosges Chocolate! I love chocolates and I really savor every moment I indulge in each bar. I am excited! Trip or Treats is giving unusual flavored chocolate, heard of Mo's Dark Bacon bar? How about Oaxaca chocolate bar? Oh, I just can't wait! I really hope that I'll win this.

By the way, check out Trip or Treats to join the giveaway.

Looking for Top Graduate Schools in US

If you are planning to study college in United States, I suggest that you check the complete list of Top US Colleges from Alabama to Wyoming. And if you are pursuing your graduate degree may it be law, medicine or business,  then you may want to take a look at the Top Graduate Schools in USA.

Joining Bah-Humbug Giveaway

Sweet Treats by Jesseca and Our Thrifty Ideas Become One have teamed up to bring these fabulous giveaways that is just in time for Christmas. They will be giving 5 stockings and each stocking is full of sort of knick knacks.  The first stocking is what every baker's dream. It's a full of things for the kitchen. The second one is for kids. It has lots of stuff to play with. The third is for craft-loving people. It's a fun-filled project. The fourth is what the bookworms would love. And the last one is for girly with lots of cute accessories.

Joining is so easy too. I already joined the giveaways and I hope that I'll be lucky to win one stocking. Check out HERE to join.


Monday, December 6, 2010

Lost in Paradise - David Lanz

Yesterday afternoon, I found a cd of David Lanz that I bought few months ago. For people who do not know who David Lanz is, he is a composer and pianist. I just love his songs. His songs are good to listen at whenever I want to spend a cozy time.

Here's my first entry to music monday, David Lanz's Lost in Paradise. Enjoy!

Come join Music Monday and share your songs with us. Rules are simple. Leave ONLY the actual post link here and grab the code below and place it at your blog entry. You can grab this code at LadyJava's Lounge Please note these links are STRICTLY for Music Monday participants only. All others will be deleted without prejudice.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Help! It's Holidays and I'm Gaining Weight

Yeah, yeah, I hear that... I hear that... Every holiday seasons that is always our worry. Why is it that during holidays, our waist line also goes on a holiday and just cannot control itself to increase an inch or two? Well, I think everyone knows the answer, it is because we let ourselves indulge in these 30 days of feast. How could not we, since parties are here and there, and holiday foods are served best during this season, and of course, we cannot just put the plate down when we are talking to our long lost friends and relatives whom we see only during these times.

So, now you are thinking, I want to savor the holidays without worrying my waist line, but how can you do that? It's easy, guys. Check out some points below, and maybe these could help.

1. Eat at home before going to a party. Before leaving for the party, feed yourself with a bowl of cereals or a plate of vegetable salad, or anything healthy. Make yourself full before attending a party. This will prevent you from over-eating fatty foods that are usually served in the parties.

2. Specialty only. When you attend a party, it doesn't mean that you have to taste all the food that is served on the table. Pass some dishes and pick only those which are your favorites, when I say favorites, they do not mean "all", only those food that are rarely served or a dish that you know your friend's specialty, or just a dish that is so irresistible.By doing this, you avoid adding extra calories to your body from the food that you regularly eat.

3. Drink water instead. We all know that in parties, they serve drinks, you know that one with lots of sugar or calories or alcohol. So instead of gulping down these liquids, why not keeping your hand with a glass of water while talking to your long lost friend.

4. Size matters. When you see your favorite food on the buffet table, it doesn't mean that you have to overturn the serving plate to your plate. Take small portions only. Remember that this month is full of parties, so just tell yourself that you'll have that favorite dish of yours next time.

5. Burn baby burn! And lastly, when you attend a party, park far away from the event. This will give you reason to walk to your car and start burn the calories you just had stock in your body. Oh, and don't forget to add extra exercise too.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Glee - Time Of My Life

This week's episode of Glee really caught my attention specially the duet of Quinn and Sam of the song, (I've Had) Time of my Life. I just felt that there was so much chemistry between the two and I actually doubt that there is something romantic going on with Chord Overstreet (Sam) and Diana Argon (Quinn).

Well, check it out for yourself with this video and tell me if love is in the air...

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Intense Debate On My Blog

Go to IntenseDebate

As a blogger, I know that we write to communicate, and to communicate means to share opinions and discuss things about just anything. I am happy that almost all of my posts receive comments. I was using the blogger comment's form till yesterday. I decided to move to Intense Debate as I see the benefits of using it.

Although my old posts will still have the Blogger comment form, new posts will be using the Intense Debate form. In Blogger comment format, it is not possible to reply to individual comments so the communication between me and the commenter is not continuous, however in Intense Debate, I can post reply to individual comment, right below their comments.

Another thing that I like with Intense Debate is the linky love, although my Blogger comment format is do-follow, in Intense Debate, the commenter's site or blog's latest post will be linked. I find this beneficial to commenter as I was happy leaving comments to blogs which can link my last post without typing the html code.

And the last thing is that in Intense Debate, the commenter can subscribe to the replies on his comment, so if he/she is waiting for the answer of the writer/blogger, then he would not missed it. I think this function is also present in Blogger comment. 

If you want to use Intense Debate for your blog comments, just click the picture above and it will take you to Intense Debate site, it's free to join and so easy to set-up.

Now, my two blogs have Intense Debate comment. Dare to comment??  :-p

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It's December, It's Christmastime!

It's December 1st folks, so let me greet you MERRY CHRISTMAS! I know that most of you started the Christmas season after Thanksgiving Day and some are much earlier than that, but with 25 days before the Christmas day, I am greeting every one of you, wherever you are, I wish a blessed and peaceful Christmas season!

Now, let's listen to Charice sings Jingle Bell Rock:


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